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Wait Guys I Think We Can Actually Follow People cx ~Stan

Thinking Of Changing The Theme But That Can Ruin everything Else Megan Put On The Blog so that’s even harder to deal with :c Any Suggestions of Themes We Can Use? cx ~ Stan

Jay is Brushing his teeth :3

smile-cause-life-is-beautiful asked: Follow back please? :)

We Can’t really follow people due to this isn’t a separate account like our personals..But we can ask people to follow you cx Everyone! Can you please Follow her? cx ~Stan

Nathan pointing is not nice xD

Sadly guys I probably wont be on in the next 3 days or week :c Due to internet problems.. My Mom has got to turn on our wifi box :c So im kinda stuck using my dads internet (a connecting one not Wifi) ~ Stan

Holy Pickles and cream….We have 172 followers..Thanks Guys c;~ Stan

Hey guys, if any of you can tell me how to make gifs and what programs are best, ill be able to make and post gifs :D Help? ~Megan